Sunday, January 12, 2020

                                                                    Red on the Cross

                                                                        Bird on a Wire

So this morning while driving down Interstate-30 on my way to Greg's appointment for an angioplasty in his arm, stressing & fretting about everything in my life, I looked up and saw a high line wire right above me. Stretched out across the interstate sitting side by side was a solid line of birds. The Lord & I have this thing going on with birds, & those of you who know me, know that. Anyway, I heard, "See those birds up there?” I'm thinking, uh yeah, I saw them, & did the Lord just ask me that? And then I hear, "They are resting above all the chaos." Now imagine yourself sitting on that wire above that crazy, dangerously busy, chaotic highway... resting. God, wants us to rest no matter what is happening around us, or how bad things look or sound. The bird on the wire knows he can fly as surely as the sky above him is blue. He will never ever be afraid to fall, ever, and he will rest right there above the chaos. That's the evidence of faith, & in the days ahead if we're going to be able to rest we're going to need that kind of faith. We really are safe & sound no matter what happens, just like the birds on that wire were this morning, believe it, and rest in Him.